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We are happy to announce that during EURODYN 2023 there will be two awards and the EASD Awards
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Maximize your experience!

Maximize your experience! Add a profile picture and update your profile from MY DASHBOARD so others can interact with you. Filling in your profile also allows you to utilize the MATCHMAKING and SESSION RECOMMENDATIONS features of the platform.

Connect with other attendees by using MESSAGES, request other attendees' virtual business cards, or vCARDS, by clicking on their profiles, and even create ROOMS and set up meetings using the conference platform!

JustDiggit and EURODYN 23 are working together to Regreening to cool down the planet

Blue Box Events partnered with JustdiggitBlueBox Events the Conference organizer of the TU Delft, to help to re-green and re-cool the planet!

Justdiggit is on a mission to cool down the earth by making dry land in Africa green again. The projects that Justdiggit initiates together with local partners in various African countries have positive effects on the preservation of biodiversity, livelihood and climate. They use the power of communication and (mobile) technology to scale up the regreening process. Justdiggit’s ultimate goal is to eventually have African farmers themselves regreen their own land, and thus mitigate 37% of global warming. We cool down the planet by regreening Africa

The Local Organising Committee of EURODYN2023 support this and gives the participants the option to purchase one bund for 8 euros. Bunds are crescent-shaped pits that collect rainwater. By digging bunds, large areas can be greened in a short time, which has a positive effect on biodiversity, nature, people and ultimately the climate. One bund can regreen 124 m2 of land. 

We hope that we can, with the help of our participants to cool down more than 20.00m2 in Africa. During the conference dinner, we will tell you more about the results.
All participants who support this initiative will receive a certificate of JUSTDIGGIT.

For more information on Justdiggit or

Pre-recoreded presentation

Pre-recorded presentation of an accepted abstract

Taking into consideration several requests for the possibility of a pre-recorded presentation in lieu of a live presentation, we have decided to offer the possibility of a pre-recorded session.
The pre-recorded presentation will be added to the digital platform (the website) with provisions for a Q&A forum. The pre-recorded session will be available for a period of three months starting from the commencement of the conference.

Please see below for more information:

  • The option of a pre-recorded session is only available for the presenter (author) of an accepted abstract(s).
  • The pre-recorded sessions are intended only for the presenter (author) who is unable to attend the conference in person.

How does this work:

  1. Log into your EURODYN2023 dashboard.
  2. Navigate to your accepted abstract and click on the title.
  3. You will be redirected to the submission page with pre-filled info on the title and an option to either submit your presentation (live participation) or submit your pre-recorded session (for the presenters who can’t join in person).
  4. Click on the latter and upload the pre-recorded presentation (see the image below).
  5. Click on the update button.
  6. The system redirects to the registration page, with the option to make the payment for pre-recorded submission.
  7. Only when the payment has been received (within 14 days after submission and before June 1, 2023) we can process your pre-recorded presentation.

Note: By opting for the pre-recorded session, the presenter will no longer be able to participate in the conference in person and take part in the conference events, social events, and conference dining.

Our Event Apps

Using the event app, attendees can:
  • Update their profile
  • Manage their personal schedule and check in to sessions
  • Set up 1-to-1 meetings with fellow attendees
  • View sponsors and exhibitors and their representatives, and send requests to get their contact details
  • Engage in discussions on the forum

Guests can:
  • Sign up using Facebook or the registration form
  • View attendees and speakers, and their publicly available details including submitted abstracts and checked-in sessions.

Exhibitors can:
Use the in-built QR code scanner to scan attendees' QR codes on their badges and save them to their list of vCards (leads). Later those vCards can be exported into Phonebook or in Excel format.

Bluebox Events, as the organizing PCO of the Delft University of Technology for this event, will handle all the (online) payments.

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