Semi-Plenary speaker: Federica Tubino

Affiliation: University of Genoa, Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (DICCA), Via Montallegro 1, 16145, Genova, Italy.

Title: Probabilistic modelling of human-induced loading on structures and human-structure interaction.

Vibration serviceability assessment of structures under human excitation is becoming increasingly important as a consequence of advancements in construction technology and the use of high-strength, flexible, lowly damped, and light-weight materials. Human-induced dynamic loads are produced from different human activities such as walking, jogging, jumping, bouncing. Normal walking is the most frequent human excitation for footbridges and building floors. Despite extensive research in the last twenty years, there is still lack of reliable models for human-induced excitation, especially with reference to multi-pedestrian loading. Two main aspects that need to be properly considered are the random nature of the loading and human-structure interaction.

The talk will focus on probabilistic modelling of walking-induced dynamic loading of structures and human-structure interaction. Different approaches will be addressed, including Monte Carlo simulation of pedestrian traffic in unrestricted and restricted conditions and the statistical characterization of the resulting loading and dynamic response based on equivalent spectral models. The propagation of the uncertainties in the loading and structural model on the serviceability assessment will be tackled. A probabilistic approach to the study of human-structure interaction will be discussed, based on a model of pedestrians as moving single-degree-of-freedom systems with random properties. Besides numerical and analytical approaches, some applications to full-scale measurements will be presented.

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