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XII International Conference on Structural Dynamics

On behalf of the European Association for Structural Dynamics (EASD), it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the XII International Conference on Structural Dynamics, EURODYN 2023, in Delft. This conference follows earlier successful conferences held in Bochum (1990), Trondheim (1993), Florence (1996), Prague (1999), Munich (2002), Paris (2005), Southampton (2008), Leuven (2011), Porto (2014), Rome (2017) and Athens (2020) and EURODYN2023 will take place from 2 to 5 July 2023.

The EURODYN Conference has developed into one of the key conferences in Structural Dynamics. EURODYN 2023 is devoted to theoretical, computational and experimental developments in structural dynamics and their application to all types of structures and dynamical systems. The conference will reflect the state of the art in structural dynamics and dynamical systems in science and engineering practice and is an opportunity to exchange scientific, technical and experimental ideas. EURODYN2023 covers all major aspects of structural dynamics through Plenary or Semi-Plenary Keynote Lectures and numerous Mini-symposia.

EURODYN2023 will take place in Delft (Netherlands), at the Delft University of Technology, and will be organized by Prof. Andrei Metrikine and co-worker Dr. Karel van Dalen. Around 600 participants from European and non-European countries are expected to participate in four days of exciting presentations and discussion of research ideas. In addition to the main sessions, our guests will be treated to a welcome party, technical tours and a gala banquet, in and around the beautiful city of Delft.
Delft, the Netherlands EURODYN2023
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