Dynamics of Marine Energy Systems

Co-organised by: G. Lavidas

Marine energy systems are renewables installed in metocean environments, these include offshore

wind (bottom fixed and floating), wave energy, tidal energy, floating solar, ocean thermal energy

conversion. Renewable energies are an important component for decarbonisation globally, so far,

most of the capacity originated from onshore technologies. However, with global ambitious ever

increasing, marine energy systems have strengthened interest, as they can tap into higher energy

density areas, with reduced social impacts, larger area availability, but at the same time have to

endure harsh loading conditions whilst producing power.

The mini symposium invites your contributions in the field of marine energies which are influenced

by external dynamic forces (wind, waves, tides, currents, etc) in their installation, production,

maintenance, and decommissioning phases. The topic aims to address fluid structure interactions,

survivability, reliability, fatigue, power optimisation, array sitting, monitoring, and computational


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