Human Induced Vibrations of Floor, Staircases and Stadia

Co-organised by Aleksandar Pavic1 and Vitomir Racic2,3

1University of Exeter, United Kingdom
2Politecnico di Milano, Italy
3University of Belgrade, Serbia


Every vibration serviceability problem in civil structural engineering can be rationalised into three key parts: vibration source, path and receiver. This special session aims to present the latest scientific developments related to any of the three components or their combinations, including vibration control, pertinent to vibration serviceability assessment of floors, staircases and sport stadia. Relevant topics include experimental characterisation and modelling of human-induced forces, human-structure dynamic interaction, human body dynamics, vibration-related human factors, sensitivity of humans to vibrations and vibration assessment from both theoretical and practical (case study) perspectives.

Contributions providing evidence of the increasing importance of vibration serviceability of floors and staircases due to various degrees of occupancy, as well as ultra-sensitive laboratories and sport stadia during concert events are particularly welcome. Also welcome are papers on the economic and environmental impact of meeting vibration serviceability criteria.






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