Hybrid analyses, experimental tests and numerical modeling in earthquake engineering


Co-organised by:  Magdalini Titirla, CNAM Paris, France, Fabrice Gatuingt, ENS Paris-Saclay, France, Walid Larbi,  CNAM Paris, France.


Keywords: Hybrid simulation, earthquake engineering, numerical modeling, experimental set-up.


Description :

This mini-symposium has content that combines numerical simulations with relevant experimental studies through laboratory measurements of various problems that belong in the field of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics. A paper submitted in this MS may belong to dynamic and earthquake response of structures and components, seismic retrofitting towards upgrading the dynamic and earthquake performance of structures or/and components, as well as investigation of various types of energy dissipation systems. Furthermore, validation of in-situ or laboratory measurements with numerical modeling using Finite Elements is also included in the topics of this MS, as well as the hybrid analyses, in which all or part of a structure is modelled (only the critical area studied is tested).                                   


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