Dynamics of Wind Energy Systems (on- and offshore)

Co-organised by: Claudio Borri (Coord., Florence), Carlo Bottasso (Muenich), Ruediger Hoeffer (Bochum), Stefano Lenci (Ancona), Enzo Marino (Florence), Carlos Simao Ferreira (Delft)

Thanks to the recent very fast technological and industrial development, wind energy systems (on- and off-shore) have reached extra large dimensions (supporting towers height > 120m, rotor diameters > 120m) and are therefore extremely sensitive to dynamic excitations of all kinds (from wind, waves, earthquake, etc.).

The Mini-Symposium will address all major issues related to dynamics of on- and off-shore wind energy systems (WES) and their main features, both for scientists/researchers as well as for advanced professional engineers.

More specifically, the following topics will be faced, with the main objective of delivering a complete state-of-the-art picture about the very complex dynamic behavior of WES:

  • wind-tower dynamic interaction on WES elements (tower, rotor blades), computational methods
  • on-shore structures: wind-soil-structure interaction, including seismic actions, computational methods
  • off-shore structures (fixed bottom): wind-wave-structure dynamic interaction, nonlinear waves, advanced loading models, "ringing" phenomena (dynamic amplification), computational methods
  • off-shore structures (floating systems in deep water): dynamics of platforms, dynamics of mooring lines and risers, computational methods
  • dynamic/cyclic loading and fatigue problems (life-long maintenance)
  • uncertainty quantification & structural health monitoring for large on- and off-shore WES
  • rotor fluid dynamics and CFD 
  • rotor/tower dynamic interaction and aeroelastic phenomena

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