Vehicle Dynamics

Co-organised by: Michael Plöchl, Johannes Edelmann

Since engineers made efforts to improve vehicle dynamics, the need to model and better understand the development and effects of the contact forces between wheels and ground became obvious. Structural and vehicle dynamics became closely related and have been developed further by fertilising each other. As an early example, wheel shimmy as a self-exited motion is mentioned, that adverse effects gave birth to the first tyre models and required to include the structural properties of the support of the wheel and axle. 

This mini-symposium addresses the interaction of structural dynamics and vehicle dynamics of ground-based vehicles, such as road vehicles, rail vehicles, and two-wheeled vehicles. To separate from isolated structural design matters of single vehicle components, the focus is set on respective effects on the longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamic behaviour of the full vehicle. Specific topics will depend on the type of vehicle addressed, but may include stability of motion, vehicle handling/performance, NVH, and the application of control methods.


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