Wind induced vibrations of slender structures

Co-organised by: Vincent Denoël, Francesco Foti, Federico Perotti

This mini-symposium covers recent developments and state-of-the-art knowledge in the dynamics of slender structural elements and systems, under aerodynamic and aeroelastic excitation. Of interest are systems such as ropes, cables, beams, thin shells, bridges, footbridges, towers, masts, large canopies, tall buildings, wind turbines, sports stadia. The excitation mechanisms to be considered cover steady and transient flows interacting at different levels with the structures. Design winds (in the sense of codes and standards), exceptional winds such as tornadoes and bursts, or air flows resulting from industrial activities are expected to provide interesting contributions. 

As a first topic, contributions are welcome on mechanical modelling focusing, for instance, on advanced models leading to a better insight into complex structural behaviour, such as structural and additional damping, damage accumulation, fatigue, structural nonlinearities, response to transient wind loads. A second topic concerns the modelling and understanding of fluid-structure interactions, through the development of CFD techniques, wind tunnel experiments or real-scale testing. At last but not least, the mini-symposium also welcomes discussions on procedures for structural analysis. Among others, some interesting topics cover the consistent development of design approaches based on equivalent static loads and the effect of uncertainties on the dynamic response, with special attention to serviceability issues and to mitigation strategies.


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