Vibration-based assessment and SHM of Cultural Heritage structures

Co-organised by:   Carmelo Gentile, Francesco Clementi, Antonio Paulo Lourenco


Ambient vibration testing and continuous dynamic monitoring are more and more frequently adopted in the assessment and preservation of Cultural Heritage structures. The Mini-Symposium is intended to focus on methodological aspects, recent developments and applications of vibration-based assessment and SHM of historic structures (e.g. churches, monuments, towers, historic bridges and infrastructures). Suitable topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Multi-disciplinary strategies of preventive conservation and SHM (involving vibration testing and/or continuous monitoring);
  • Vibration-based post-earthquake and seismic assessment;
  • Vibration-based tuning of FE models;
  • Design, implementation and management of dynamic monitoring systems;
  • Effects of environmental and operational variability on modal parameters:
  • Vibration-based SHM strategies under changing environment and/or operational conditions.




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